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Dear Aubrey 

Good to hear that you are still pushing.

Nothing I have seen or heard leads me to believe that there is a more straightforward approach to uniting the people of the world in the fight to reduce global emissions.

Please include my name in support of GCI's C&C Proposal to the UNFCCC.

Good Luck with the submission.

Richard Dennis

Customer Review - "It is not a question of life and death . . . it is far more important than that."
17 April 2009 By Richard M. Dennis

This review is of: Contraction and Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change - Schumacher Briefings

“It is not a question of life and death - it is far more important than that. Although 9 years old, this book outlines possibly the most significant contribution to the survival of humankind on planet Earth. Aubrey Meyer deserves his place in history! Read it, follow up some of the links, consider what happening today and get involved.”


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"Contraction and Convergence is a mechanism for getting global agreement on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Like all the best ideas, it is easy to grasp. It is founded on two fundamental principles that cannot be questioned except by very devious linguistic distortions: first, that the global emission of greenhouse gases must be progressively reduced; secondly, that global governance must be based on justice and fairness. Under the second principle, the emission of greenhouse gases must be based on an equal per capita allowance. It is this second principle that makes it particularly relevant to recent clashes between Civil Society and the world financial organisations - the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation. In dealing with the global economy the IMF, rightly, sees the need for 'structural adjustments'. By this, it means adjustments to the economy and practices of nations that will lead to continuing, rather than short term, benefit. But the structural adjustments being imposed by the IMF on poor nations are primarily designed to strengthen the global economy in the hope that wealth will trickle down from the wealthy to the poor. Seen from the perspective of poor countries, 'structural adjustments' need to be made to the practices of the industrial nations since it is their consumption and emissions that are destroying the natural world, and it is their economic system that has led to such massive inequality. Contraction and Convergence is such an adjustment. Contraction and Convergence is a mechanism by which money would flow from rich to poor nations as of right, not as aid. It would introduce a mechanism by which the world economy would move in the direction of greater equality. It is based on a simple principle of justice that any schoolchild can understand, and therefore should be difficult for negotiators to pervert."
From James Bruges Foreword to
"Contraction & Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change" - Aubrey Meyer

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