Dear Aubrey,

For many years now, the GCI's C&C mechanism has provided an important focal point for discussions of global sustainability, bringing ethics and equity firmly into the science-policy interface. 

As a scientist working (and a citizen hoping) for a fairer world and a healthy environment,  I am happy to support this proposal.

Best regards


Dr Sarah Cornell
Environmental Scientist, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Coordinator - Planetary Boundaries Collaboratory

Climate change challenges us to develop new forms of ethics that can provide common frames to underpin global agreements and can help to motivate and guide us in the major social changes that are needed in response. Such has been the origin of new concepts like "Contraction and Convergence" [Meyer 2000], influential at Kyoto, based on the principle of equal use of atmospheric resources by the world's citizens.
Interdisciplinarity and Climate Change (Ontological Explorations)
Roy Bhaskar, Cheryl Frank, Karl Georg Hyer, Petter Naess, Jenneth Parker

Other Research Highlights

•CDM for sustainability
•Regional GHG emission inventories
•Contraction and Convergence







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