WWF Ecofys publish a renewable energy report
This is very welcome.

The grey section above zeros GHG emissions from oil coal and gas by 2050.
This means that a full-term contraction and convergence event is complete by 2050.

Can Ecofys perhaps provide an image mapping a calculation of how their complex and
DEFRA-funded 'Common but Differentiated Convergence' would appear at these rates?
The *zoomable* image
here shows why WWF and EcoFys might now see the need for
the simple expedient of C&C for apportioning their carbon-budgeting instead of CBDC.




As with the 'Berlin Wall', the 'Climate-Firewall' can yet come down. 'Climate-detente' possible at COP-17 with negotiated rates of C&C.
Why not

Why not