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Dear Aubrey

I am delighted to support the Contraction and Convergence proposal submitted to the UNFCCC; this principle accords with equity principles in the effort to reduce the world's greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Elizabeth L. Malone, Ph.D.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Joint Global Change Research Institute
5825 University Research Court, Suite 3500
College Park, Maryland 20740

Aubrey Meyer takes this tack in advocating. C&C is the idea that each person should get an allowance of greenhouse gas emissions; at first wealthy country citizens would get a larger allowance than citizens of poorer countries but eventually the allowances would converge to one amount, which would contract to the level commensurate with climate stabilization. What Meyer does, in a steady stream of emails and on his web is Contraction and Convergence to point to statements made by others that either explicitly or implicitly refer to this idea. Thus over time he has developed a very long list of people who agree with contraction and convergence.
Debating Climate Change: Pathways Through Argument to Agreement
Elizabeth L. Malone