Thank you for your note. I gladly support your initiative as I think C&C of affluence promotes global justice. Something to think about: I = PAT means population has the same impact on the environment as Affluence. C&C therefore should be applied not only to the A factor, but also to the P factor., i. e. To the birth rates.


Helmut Helmut Burkhardt, Dr. rer. nat.
Professor of Physics Emeritus
Ryerson University Toronto,
ON, Canada

Policy Recommendations to Governments Worldwide

  • Limit biomass energy to waste utilization, and discourage energy farming
  • Implement the Contraction and Convergence Principle, as suggested by the Kyoto Agreement, for the sake of global energy justice
  • Prevent further growth of total power consumption by managing world population, and power consumption per person through improved efficiency
  • Place highest priority on research, development, and large scale implementation of technical solar energy conversion

Also see Julia Morton Marr

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