"Aubrey Meyer has credibly conceived 'Contraction and Convergence (C&C)' for the Common Good of Humanity with the skill of 'the Art of the Long View', so sadly missing in this world's political 'scheme of play'! Yet, without a C&C mechanism in place it's becoming more and more obvious that our children and particularly their children will have to 'deal and cope' with a world increasingly beleaguered by its own seriously modified planetary climate. No denying of that anymore and 'those in charge' better wake up to that stark Reality and act accordingly!"

The Rainbow Site

This short paper takes a ‘Chaldean algorithm’ and suggests the relationships between music, mathematics, meaning and international efforts to deal with climate change. Taking a cyclic view, the ‘stringularity’ of a full-term C&C-event needs to complete within about the next five of these ‘eight-earth-year-cycles’, if dangerous rates of climate change are yet to be avoided. Imagine being kissed by Venus 25 times in the next 40 Years.
Pythagoras Renewed for Our Common Global Future
Aubrey Meyer & Jelle Hielkema

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