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Hello Aubrey,

I am more than pleased to offer my name in support of your proposal. What you propose is very logical. But the world isn't a logical place. People approach issues emotionally. I do wish you well. Your contribution is a great step forward, but that doesn't mean it will be used.


John Veitch

Poverty Elimination Muhammad Yunus, creator of the Grammeen Bank, says: -

"Poverty is created. Poverty is caused by failure at the conceptual level, rather
than any lack of capability on the part of people. The poor are like bonsai trees,
which possess all the qualities of a larger tree, but are planted in too-small pots."

John Veitch of Open Future New Zealand has maintained a journal of interest for more than 30 years.

Creating a page with the links below, he says: -

"That journal has taught many lessons, but the key idea is this. All real education is self directed and self motivated. More-over it takes a long time even for the most willing student to learn new things that are contrary to the indoctrination that we received in childhood and at school. It takes years and years, firstly to recognize that you've been indoctrinated at all. Then to slowly unpick that misdirection and to replace it with something more worthy."

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The Poor are Disconnected Poverty is caused by a network of disconnection. The causes are complex. Personal poverty probably has roots in family life, in the attitudes and values that the family pass on to their children. These values might be empowering or they may be toxic in the life of the young person who adopts them. If you have attitudes and a lifestyle that makes you stand out in a negative way, you may find it difficult to win acceptance in the mainstream of society. For instance if one lives in the United Kingdom, but strongly carries the values of a small tribal village in Pakistan, one might struggle to find a place in the new society. In the course of a life, one might become isolated from your family or social group for some reason. Perhaps a failure in education, maybe ill health or alcoholism, or a term in prison.

Once you're out of the loop, finding your social path back into a helpful social circle might be very difficult. People who are seen to be active members of a community, normally find a way to earn a living in that community.

Of course there is an argument that most of the influences above are not about personal and family values alone, that there is a systematic process that is intended to produce an underclass, and to reinforce the advantages of the upper class.

Loss of the Common In many societies the basics of life are provided by family lands and by the village common. One measure of your wealth is how seldom you have to depend on a market to live your life. In most places food is cheap and there is quite a lot of free food available. When that is not the case, food at the market can cost more money than people can easily earn. This is worst if water also has to be purchased. If the forest or a large natural common exists people can survive, but this land has today frequently been turned into farmland, and if the farmland fails because of flood, or drought, the consequence of lack of resilience is no food.



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