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Dr Mohamed Behnassi

Dr. Mohamed Behnassi
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences
Post-Doc, Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences
Other Affiliations:
North-South Centre for Social Sciences-NRCS, Global Sustainability and Health Politics

Whilst we can encourage small-scale livestock production for family and local use in poorer nations, those eat high up the food chain surely have a moral oblication to reduce their consumption of animal products. We can eat less so that they can eat more. This theory of contraction and convergence has been outlined by leading public health academics such as Tony McMichael. He and his colleagues believe that those in the developed countries should reduce their meat consumption to no more than 90 gm a day as this would be better for the climate and for their own health (McMichael et al 2007). Those in the developing world could eat more meat until they too reached this level. Even 90 gm a day only helps to stablize and not itself reduce GHG emissions figures.
Global Food Insecurity
Mohamed Behnassi, Sidney Draggan, Sanni Yaya











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