IPCC SR 1.5 - Table 2.2 & Acceleration & Extrapolation


Published BMJ article here

Rather than CO2 emissions contracting in an orderly manner from 1996,
CO2 emissions have expanded in an increasingly dangerous & chaotic manner.

Throughout this time, climate-deniers assured everyone there was no problem
while climate-scientists struggled inadequately to communicate the very real
dangers we face because there is a problem.

Greta Thunberg says simply (and with some justification), “we were lied to.”

In 2013 (before IPCC AR5) UKMO falsely insisted all feedbacks were in the models
In 2016 (after the Paris Agreement) this lie was finally admitted by DECC.

Summarizing a collective process of paradigm-failure over twenty five years,
in which both problem & solution denial have significantly featured . . .

  1. 1996 Climate Emergency declared as C&C introduced at COP-2
  2. 2000 C&C described as, “the logical approach" in IPCC 3rd Assessment Climate
  3. 2003 C&C described as, “inevitably required for compliance” by UNFCCC Executive
  4. 2008 the C&C principle embedded in the UK Climate Act (Jim Hansen says "2.0° C not safe.")
  5. 2010 EAC Enquiries into ‘climate model’s began asking, “where did they come from & were they reliable.”
  6. 2015 IPCC AR5 advocates 2.0° C but the Paris Agreement advocates 1.5° C.
  7. 2020 the UK hosts COP-26 . . .

    All this is argument in favour of an Alliance for UNFCCC-Compliance as soon as possible
    at stringent rates of Contraction & Convergence, as time for compliance is obviously running out.