“With C&C, Aubrey Meyer’s insight into the problem of mitigation of climate change
bears the true hallmark of genius: - C&C is simple and robust.”

Dr Andrew Dlugolecki - Advisory Board Director, Carbon Disclosure Project,
Advisor on Climate Change to UNP Finance Sector Initiative

Aubrey’s interventions and their outcomes have consistently defined
the debate for UNFCCC-compliance:



Nomination of Aubrey Meyer of GCI by Dr Mayer Hillman of PSI

Question 1 - Brief History
Question 2 - Achievements Impact
Question 3 - Scale of Impact
Question 4 - Leadership
Question 5 - Spread Awareness
Question 6 - Recognition
Question 7 - Long-term Vision
Question 8 - Activities Obstacles
Question 9 - Innovation
Question 10 - Innovation Impact

QUESTION TWO - Describe the candidate’s top achievements in renewable energy, clean tech and sustainability. Outline their individual contribution and the subsequent impacts or outcomes.