“C&C already has a high profile with insurers. Governments must listen to the
insurance industry and make C&C central to government policy around the world.
From a risk management perspective, C&C produces an important assessment
of the risks we face from human-induced runaway climate change
and how to frame a response at the policy level.”

Prof David Crichton - Benfield Hazard Centre UCL

Recently, traffic to the GCI web-site has increased markedly to around two million hits in the
year gone by. While these come from all over the world, many are from the US Government,
Military and Educational services.

In the last decade GCI authored GCI has published or authored: -

The GCI web-site archives most of this.
This substantiates and elaborates the extent and diversity of the
international impact that the C&C and its messages continue to have.

There is not a discipline relevant to UNFCCC-compliance that has not
had an example of adopting, and even strongly advocating C&C.
These are: -

There have been over 500 books and reports published in the market
referring to C&C
with a variety of interpretations most highly supportive,
many of these from the energy sector.

There is now not a single proposal in play for the ‘post Kyoto era’ that does
not acknowledge its derivation from C&C. In the campaigning sector,
there are well over 100 separate groups around the world who have
woven C&C into their climate change campaigning

Many hundreds of individuals from all over the world, from the very eminent,
to the elected, to the everyday and ordinary, transecting a range of disciplines,
have supported and advocated C&C on camera and/or in print
and/or as co-signatories to petitions and letters to Government Ministers
specifying the need for C&C-based agreement to achieve UNFCCC-compliance.

This is the basis of GCI’s claim that C&C remains the most widely cited,
sourced and arguably supported model in the UNFCCC process.


Nomination of Aubrey Meyer of GCI by Dr Mayer Hillman of PSI

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