Aubrey is a good gentleman because he has really been on this issue for years –
donkey's years – and he’s not giving up. He has the stamina. If all of us were like
Aubrey we would have achieved very high levels. Unfortunately, not many of us
have been that strong

Joshua Wairoto
Kenyan UNFCCC Negotiator

GCI was founded in 1990 when Aubrey was 43. He has directed GCI for 21
years as its only employee. For this he has had to master skills ranging
through climate science and policy analysis, IT and publishing, communications
and public relations, whilst building important relationships of trust with
UNFCCC negotiators, often on a zero budget. His mission has always been to
define and establish C&C at the heart of the process for achieving success
with UNFCCC-compliance.

Aubrey grew up in what would become Nelson Mandela’s ‘New South Africa’.
C&C’s platform of globally equal emissions entitlements under limits, answers
the headline question: - ‘how do we frame and quantify a global climate
proposal for ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ that gets the US and China to signal
detente on UNFCCC-compliance where everyone shares equally in the process
of achieving ‘Climate Justice without Vengeance’? Aubrey’s role in getting to
this point has been the patient and protracted process of C&C presentation
and persuasion with all comers. Significant players have now come round to
agreeing that C&C is not just the right way, it is the only way to answer that

In 2005 the City of London made a Lifetime’s Achievement Award to Aubrey
saying, “In recognition of an outstanding personal contribution to combating
climate change at an international level through his efforts to enhance the
understanding and adoption of the principle of Contraction and Convergence.
From the worlds of business, academia, politics and activism, Aubrey Meyer has
made the greatest contribution to the understanding and combating of climate
change having led strategic debate or policy formation.”

In 2007 a UK All Party Parliamentary Group issued a DVD to all MPs calling
C&C, “The Incontestable Truth: the Irreducible Response to Climate Change”.
C&C is now central to the UK Climate Act.

The Nobel Prize nomination by UK MPs in 2008 said: “We believe that it would,
now, be right to recognise the man who has done most to provide an international
solution to averting the disaster of global warming. Aubrey Meyer realised that we
need a comprehensive climate change framework if we are to protect our planet.
He founded the GCI in 1990 that developed just such a framework known as
‘contraction and convergence’. This is the logical way forward and if his initiative
was recognised now it would send exactly the right message to world leaders as
we consider what comes after the end of the Kyoto round in 2011.”

A recent letter to the UK government by many eminent persons said,
"C&C is, “a rational formulation for the reconciliation of 'Climate Justice without
Vengeance', and the veteran and apex example of this, as it answers in a
unifying and constitutional way the need that becomes increasingly critical.”


Nomination of Aubrey Meyer of GCI by Dr Mayer Hillman of PSI

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