“Let a thousand solar plants bloom”
Aubrey Meyer - Director GCI

C&C turns a set of climate change problems into a framework solution by
analysing and integrating the long-term trends and defining the future global
path-dependency for achieving UNFCCC-compliance. While C&C is not a trendy
idea, the ‘continuity’ in its wide uptake as a frame of reference for a vast and
diverse range of initiatives
, almost suggests that it is.

C&C is continually cited as crucial at the global level right down to the local.
Many campaigns at this level are openly and clearly based on the C&C
principle. This is a critical part of the emerging debate as often a problem has
been the perception that what is globally relevant is locally irrelevant and
what is locally relevant is globally irrelevant. So the emergence of the C&C
principle in action both locally and globally helps to unify and give continuity to
the initiatives that are emerging at all levels in the vast new ‘sustainability

Moreover, a diverse and growing range of actors are suggesting the C&C
principle should be applied to resources other than ‘carbon-consumption’.
The pattern emerging overall is that across all sectors of the economy, the
indefinite expansion and divergence of resource exploitation, is unsustainable
and must stop.

So, with the C&C principle, key messages are gradually now being acted
out in a more rational way; there are limits to growth; resources should be
conserved and shared equitably; environmental impacts attending their use
must be reduced; only doing those things that directly enhance sustainability
must now be encouraged.

Sustained investment in the clean-tech, renewable energy sector is crucial.
This is equivalent to a second Copernican Revolution where UNFCCC-
compliance is understood as solar-centric with a common C&C narrative that
replaces the ego-centric lottery of the previous decades.

Nomination of Aubrey Meyer of GCI by Dr Mayer Hillman of PSI

Question 1 - Brief History
Question 2 - Achievements Impact
Question 3 - Scale of Impact
Question 4 - Leadership
Question 5 - Spread Awareness
Question 6 - Recognition
Question 7 - Long-term Vision
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QUESTION SEVEN - How has the candidate been able to
ensure the continuity of initiatives that they were involved in?
Explain how any efforts have been successfully adopted at scale or
how they will continue to be relevant to the future renewable energy,
clean tech and sustainability industry.