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BREXIT extremists want out of the EU with no-deal & the UK is accelerating towards a no-deal exit from the EU. To get this outcome, the UK
is already voiding the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) & they are also now ready to prorogue parliament to force this outcome if necessary.

GFA is comparable to the Paris Climate Agreement & BREXIT extremists what no deal on climate change makes them 'CLEXITEERS'.
Saying that climate change is too expensive to solve, they have generic links with the Economics of Genocide.

The web of climate-denial overlaps the BREXIT agenda and mirrors the CLEXIT membership. CLEXIT people are white supremacist
(Johnson/Bannon) & wanting no-deal on climate change means their approach defaults to a 'final solution' as climate change is accelerating.

Donald Tusk correctly says there is a special place in hell reserved for these idiotic people who have deliberately sought to make a bad situation worse . . . . Christopher Monkton and Nigel Farage

The clock is ticking
In these circumstances, it would extraordinary if we were 'not allowed' to ask what are the real intentions behind CLEXIT?

  • why does Donald Trump now say its' too late
  • why do aides on his 'Mexico-Wall' commitment call it the final-solution
  • what are the real intentions behind CLEXIT?

Sadly, there is nothing 'nice' about this.

Gove et al


This BREXIT CLEXIT debacle reminds one of the utterance in ancient Greece . . . .
"Those whom the gods would destroy, first they drive mad."


BREXIT a deliberate decoy so Theresa May can play the extremes off against her middle position to which the EU will never agree. It is an example of that UK speciality - the planned-failure, where you can blame the other side.

All this as Extinction Rebellion now literally *throws (fake)-blood at her* for ignoring CLEXIT (the real issue is how no-deal BREXIT is the template no-deal on climate change (CLEXIT).

Around 400 demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion calling for greater action on climate change are now literally throwing 'buckets of blood' (albeit imitation blood) at her outside Downing Street, seeking to make the severity of climate change, “viscerally clear” to her.

Meanwhile ticks the carbon clock
as we continue to throw the kids under the bus.


Should we not consider the larger question of a no-deal on climate change? In this, the apex question is not so much is civilization failing, as has the 'sapient-species' failed itself?

Climate change - the issue that BREXIT entirely ignores - makes it clear that this
question is really about, where do we collectively think we are going to end up?

Is it: -

the extinction nightmare that is more and more foreseen,
or perhaps because of that unwelcome vision

the extinction that is avoided through an unimaginable course change for 1.5° C to
minus 20 tonnes-carbon emissions per second for the next 20 years required.

We are encouraged to see the free-market as the least worst of all choices.
Be that as it may, can it effect a transformation at that rate?

Or will the increasingly embittered arguments ensure that . . .

'choice' becomes semantic as our increasingly 'uneconomic growth' is overwhelmed
as emissions, concentrations & climate-damages accelerate out of control?

As we go towards that oblivion, will the ludicrous fight be for pole position distributed along a loop from outside-going-in to inside-going-out just worsen?

  • Ultimately, like life & death - it's all the same loop - just turning the universe inside-out and outside-in (maha pralaya) . . . .