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BREXIT extremists want out of the EU with no-deal. Consequently, the UK is accelerating towards a no-deal exit from the EU.

This mirrors the CLEXIT membership
and mirroring the BREXIT agenda, CLEXIT people are white supremacist and want no-deal on climate change either. The web of denial

There is a special place in hell reserved for these idiotic people who have deliberately sought to make a bad situation worse . . . . Christopher Monkton and Nigel Farage

The clock is ticking

Gove et al


This BREXIT CLEXIT debacle reminds one of the utterance in ancient Greece . . . .
"Those whom the gods would destroy, first they drive mad."


BREXIT a deliberate decoy so Theresa May can play the extremes off against her middle position which the EU will never agree to. A UK speciality is the planned-failure where you can blame the other side.

All this as Extinction Rebellion now literally *throws (fake)-blood at her* for ignoring CLEXIT (the real issue is how no-deal BREXIT is the template no-deal on climate change (CLEXIT).

Around 400 demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion calling for greater action on climate change are now literally throwing 'buckets of blood' at her outside Downing Street, seeking to make the severity of climate change, “viscerally clear” to her.

Meanwhile ticks the carbon clock
as we continue to throw the kids under the bus.


Should we not consider the larger question of a no-deal on climate change? In this, the apex question is not so much is civilization failing, as has the 'sapient-species' failed itself?

Climate change - the issue that BREXIT entirely ignores - makes it clear that this
question is really about, where do we collectively think we are going to end up?

Is it: -