Notes for Blue Planet Award Drafting

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1989 - Aged four, Georgia (Aubrey Meyer's daughter) came home from school & asked him if the planet was dying.
Aged 40, Aubrey threw away an award-winning career in music as a string-player & composer, & began to work on climate change.

He first joined 'Save the Forests Save the Planet' (STFSTP) bit in . . . .

1991 This led to changing from STFSTP and co-founding Global Commons Institute (GCI) from where GCI
defined & has pursued & defended the C&C Principle for the global carbon budget approach for thirty years

1993 GCI was asked by the IPCC to contribute to their Second Assessment Report (SAR) on global equity issues. This was done in 1994 as here & it began the
campaign against the notorious 'Global Cost/Benefit Analysis' & what GCI came to call the Economics of Genocide. The criticism was upheld by the IPCC in the SAR in 1995.

1996 GCI announced the C&C-based approach to UNFCCC-Compliance at COP-2 and declaring a climate-emergency, warned of the dangers of ‘feedbacks’

1997 At the request of Chinese & US Governments, GCI was asked to travel to the US and China and more widely, to enrol countries’ support for C&C.
This we did.
The Africa Group did & India (quoting GCI to IPCC-verbatim) at Ministerial level to COP-1, had already joined in support and a result was that at . . .

1997 At COP-3 we all largely got agreement for the C&C approach as a consequence of that effort

1998 GLOBE International adopted and advocated C&C globally

2000 The RCEP adopted C&C & & made it their prime recommendation to UK Gov

2000 CGNU Insurers advocated C&C to COP-6

2003 Minister Meacher (Environment) writes GCI a letter about "the need to protect the integrity of the C&C argument."

2003 The UNFCCC on C&C - Stabilization inevitably requires contraction and convergence

2004 Articles defining and praising C&C start to accumulate

2004 Letters statements praising C&C start being written/sent/published

2004 In co-operation with UK MPs, GCI successfully argued the case for C&C to Whitehall

2004 City of London Lifetime’s Achievement Award to Aubrey Meyer

2005 Huge international support started to develop for C&C

2006 The original C&C Bill from Colin Challen MP was published in the UK Parliament

2008 C&C became the “intellectually & morally coherent” basis of the UK Climate Act

2008 The Chair of the the UK Climate Change Committee declared that the Climate Act is C&C

2008 Nobel Prize nomination for Aubrey Meyer from an All-Party group of UK MPs

2008 Adair Turner was Chairman of the UK Climate Act Committee in 2008 when the Act was introduced, & he made this prophetic comment at that time: -
"If for reasons of urgency the rate of global carbon contraction must be accelerated, the convergence-rate must be accelerated relative to that."

This is crucially relevant to the dilemma in which we find ourselves now in 2019.

2008 Only extraordinary individuals such as Aubrey Meyer, father of C&C managed to penetrate this remote citadel.

2009 The issue of the carbon-debt globally over the period 1750 until the present, is truly shocking
Analysis from GCI based on data from CDIAC

2013 Carbon Budget Analysis heuristic animation Tool (CBAT) was launched to good reception

2013 CBAT includes C&C at the EAC Enquiries

2013 CBAT animation was based on a cognitive mapping of the feedback-effect that needed to be included in the modelling.

2013 GCI challenged the climate modelling community about the omission of feedback-effects in the climate modelling.

2013 This was strenuously denied by the UKMO in the UK Parliament

However this was subsequently confirmed by DECC in 2016

2013 CBAT accurately covers acceleration in the rates of change now seen

2014 Commendations, awards and nominations for awards for Aubrey Meyer continue to acummulate.

2014 CBAT changes John Schellnhuber (PIK) position - this was told me by David King who showed Schellnhuber CBAT

2015 Paris Agreement includes 1.5°

2016 Court case - taking HMG to court over non-Compliance with UNFCCC

2017 “The truly exceptional work of Aubrey Meyer” ("tipping points are more like event horizons" - Sir David King to Stephen Hawking).

2016 Carbon Budgeting becomes the issue

2018 IPCC SR 1.5 ‘climate-models’ 1.5° (includes feedback in output)

2019 Output equals GCI & Greta Thunberg & newly launched XR

2019 Greta Thunberg unleashes these numbers on US Congress UN & Montreal

2019 GCI calls for An alliance for UNFCCC-Compliance



Since 1972 I have probably owed my life to this Japanese man . . . more than any other.

35 years later, at a shrine somehwere up a sacred mountain outside Kyoto (after COP-3),
I left a prayer on a piece of bamboo asking to complete the mission for equity and survival.

50 years later what is roughly essayed below is the nearest I ever got to understanding The Order of the Universe . . .

The Principle of Well-Tempering is fundamental to this entire climate-campaign for Equity = Survival
C&C is the "Well Tempered Climate Accord" and as many have said, as a Principle, C&C is incontestable

The principle is embedded in the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tse probably the most widely read text in human history.
All this choosing life has been fundamental to the climate change campaign started in 1989.

Phi derivation' is realized in the string experiment of Pythagoras probably the most under-recognized insight in human history
As a Hertz measurement Phi has equivalence to Pi; as the work of Erwin Schrodinger revealed in 'What is Life',

both are fundmental to the evolution of the DNA molecule


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