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  1. Explanation of the approach to historic emissions and division of the carbon budget
  2. The global carbon budget
  3. The country carbon budget chart
  4. The individual elements of the carbon budget chart

a) budget boxes; global totals & country shares
b) per capita country emissions over time
c) gross country emissions over time
d) share calculation methodology

e) easy visualization of CREDIT:DEBIT

Notes on per capita country emissions

Top left-hand side of each country specific chart

The template for each country graphic are non-stochastic line plots that provide context for the featured country’s per capita emissions, which are key vectors for the quantitative analysis 1750-2050. Each graphic contains:

  • the per capita emissions of the USA, historically the greatest-cumulative and highest per capita emitter.

  • the per capita emissions of the specific country being analyzed (in this example Norway)

  • the global average of per capita emissions over time past, and

  • the global average of per capita emissions over time future for the GREEN, AMBER and RED budgets (for simplicity of analysis, the population figure was ‘frozen’ at seven billion from 2014 onwards).

As can be seen in this example, Norway’s per capita emissions were historically higher than the per capita global average (but significantly below those of the USA). Moving into the future (ie for illustrative purposes, 2014 onwards) as the global per capita average line crosses 2013 on the X-axis, the line branches into GREEN, AMBER & RED dotted paths, showing (here Norway’s) equal per capita emissions associated with Future Budgets 1-3).

Passing into the future the country per capita average line breaks into dots (in dark blue) to 2030, providing a rough description of the country’s future per capita emissions on the basis of its INDC/NDC It can also be seen that Norway’s INDC appears to exceed its share of the future budgets for 1.5°C. It should be noted that this is aside from the matter of Norway’s historical debit, which would need to be repaid to creditor countries in order for Norway to qualify for a remaining part of the future budget. Accounting for historical emissions also remains relevant to calculating for past damages.

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